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Adobe, the multinational company, focuses its development towards rich internet application such as shockwave player, Photoshop, the portable document format, etc. PDF Reader is one of Adobe’s innovative creation.

Adobe PDF reader follows a basic format in several desktops and mobile forms. Viewing, printing and annotating of pdf files are its primary functions. The program is quite flexible and user-friendly. Variety of customers around the world are using it with utmost satisfaction.

We Offer Adobe PDF Reader Technical Support Services

The advanced feature of Adobe pdf reader makes is unique in a dynamic way. The recently launched features are loved by users. It has made our work much more accessible and handy. Below listed are some unique features that will force you to choose it.

  • Compare files enhancement
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Annotations enhancement
  • Forms enhancement
  • Print production enhancement
  • OCR enhancement
  • Access tool center from RHP
  • Additional OCR language in export pdf

Troubleshoot Your Adobe PDF Reader Installation:

Are you unable to install your Adobe pdf reader correctly? Do not get disheartened. It is one of the most common errors faced by almost every user. Here are some simple steps that might help you to fix this issue in a matter of time.

  • Download your Adobe reader again.
  • The internet connection should be stable.
  • Try doing less activity on the internet while downloading.
  • Download it from a different link.
  • Update video card reader.
  • Install Adobe reader on an individual workstation.
  • Verify the security and settings.
  • Make sure that the javascript enabled.

Following these simple steps will help you to fix this issue. If still unable to resolve the issue contact our support to guide you through the step by step troubleshooting. It becomes an easy to install your adobe reader with a proper guide by our executives.

Know Your Adobe PDF Reader’s Accessibility Features:

One of the essential features of Adobe pdf reader is its accessibility. It allows people to use pdf’s with or without screen readers, magnifiers, and braille printers. The program has particular references that make the reading of pdf more easily accessible for visually impaired users. This feature controls the appearance of the pdf.

The Accessibility Setup Assistant provides us with onscreen instructions to set up these preferences. However, all functionalities that affect the accessibility is not available here. The preference dialogue lets you set up all the functionalities for proper use.

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